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With 25 years of existence, we have been creating and publishing over 3000 games and apps that are played globally and we are one of the top mobile and PC Game studios and publishers for a female audience.

At GameHouse we create casual games tailored to women’s gaming interests, providing a fun and engaging “me time” experience. We use unique game loops to keep players entertained and incorporate inspiring stories and characters, particularly strong women who drive the narrative.

Do you have GAME?

Those are important pillars we consider for our team members:

G’ameHouse-ness Culture Fit and Culture Add: We value individuals who bring their unique perspectives and are eager to learn from one another.

A’bilities: We seek individuals who possess strong hard skills and are looking for continuous growth and development.

M’indset: We encourage our teams to “start with Why?” challenge the status quo,and be safe to ask those hard questions, collaborate effectively, and thrive in a collaborative environment.

E’nergy and excitement for our Mission: We look for people who understand what we’re trying to do, our vision and find it inspiring and exciting.

The role:

As the Head of Growth at GameHouse, your primary objective will be to generate more users/players and reactivate players through effective user acquisition strategies, not only online performance marketing but as well through strategic partnerships, and other under-exploited avenues in the gaming industry. You will work across the entire company, collaborating with product teams, live game operations, subscription models, and mentoring the UA growth team.

In a nutshell, you are a marketing strategist and do-er looking to explore new avenues and uncharted territories and you believe that UA performance marketing is not the only way to grow a game.


Manage and mentor the User Acquisition (UA) team and marketing art team.

Explore new user acquisition avenues, including offline and online partnerships and influencer marketing, to expand our user base.

Develop and implement effective UA strategies to increase new users, improve retention, reactivate and optimize the lifetime value (LTV) of players.

Provide guidance and support to product teams in managing marketing budgets and aligning marketing efforts with product objectives.

Be on top of industry trends, emerging marketing channels, and changes in privacy regulations to adapt strategies accordingly.

Foster integration and synergy between teams by serving as an active member on new users experience between UA, marketing, product, and game development teams.

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to new users funnel, user acquisition, retention, reactivation, and LTV, and drive initiatives to meet or exceed targets.


Deep understanding of user acquisition strategies and marketing techniques, both traditional and digital, within the gaming industry.

Strong knowledge of games, game design principles, and product management mainly focused on new users behaviors.

Proven experience in managing and mentoring teams.

Ability to think outside the box and explore innovative growth strategies.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a cross-functional environment.

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(Or what’s needed to succeed in the role)

  • Passionate individual, out of the box thinker. You are an agent of change, not a follower.
  • This is a Leadership position so we expect previous experience at that level with a background and experience in the gaming industry.
  • Experience & skills in marketing to diverse audiences, if possible female players.
  • Deep understanding on UA performance marketing, with hands on experience in the past 2 years
  • Experience in implementing product strategies for new users working together with product development and design
  • Deep understanding of data integration between new users’ experience and product development. Great understanding and love for data.
  • Proven out of the box strategies implemented to acquire new users
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and leverage emerging trends.
  • Passion for entertainment and a deep understanding of the gaming industry.
  • Experience with market research and data analysis to inform marketing strategies.


Opportunity to work in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Chance to shape the growth and success of our studio.

Room for professional growth and development.

As this will be a constantly expanding role most of what is expected is listed above while for the rest, we don’t know yet, it will be up to you!

This is a chance to make your mark, shape the role into your vision and drive that vision, experiment, fail, learn, repeat!

We provide a strong work/life balance and operate in a family-friendly environment.

And of course, the perks*:

  • Flexible work
  • Company bonus
  • Restaurant card
  • Employee Book Buying Program
  • Public transport card
  • Language classes
  • Sports program

*More benefits may be accessible depending on the location and framework you choose.

GameHouse celebrates diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our employees.

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Daily stand-up with the team

Weekly planning

Interview with possible new colleague

Daily stand-up with the team

Progress review with the team

Daily stand-up with the team

Daily stand-up with the team

Progress review with the team

Town Hall Quterly - Company Town Hall meeting

Drinks with the team

Daily stand-up with the team

Will this agenda make you happy
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36 bi-weekly all-hands meetings and counting….

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Life at GameHouse

We aim to create heartfelt experiences through our games. This means we embrace different stories, encourage curiosity and open-mindedness. Working at GameHouse means inspiring colleagues in an environment that is not only fun, but also determined to create the best story-driven games there are.

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GameHouse Culture and values

Your Application Process

Found a job you’re excited about? Apply! Send us your resume with all the relevant experience and let us know what makes you thrilled about the job.

If we think you could be a good fit, we will invite you for a chat (approx. 45 minutes) to go over your story, why you decided to apply, GameHouse in general, and to answer all the questions you would have for us. Not to worry – we’ll keep it light!

Is it a match? Both on a cultural level as well as on craft and experience? Can we help you grow as well? That’s what we’ll try to find out! In this stage you will speak with your potential future manager and team members.

We’ll ask you if you have GAME.

G ameHouse-ness: Natural culture fit and culture ad
A bilities: What can you do?
M indset: How do you think and work?
E nergy: How motivated are you to partner up with us? 

And this is also for us to share who we are and what we’re trying to do; This way you can get clarity if this is something you’re interested in. 
You’ll meet the teams and stakeholders to give you a 360 view

If we both feel like we connect on the right levels, we make you an offer you can’t refuse. We discuss what you want to learn, and figure out how we can help you grow towards your goals. This way, we make sure you can be at your best, and help us become better! 

1. Your name

2. The socials

3. The resumé

4. Craftsmanship

5. Submit your story

The story of your application

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