An overview of all our completed

First Game on Apple Arcade released

Delicious – Miracle of Life+ is available on Apple Arcade. This fan-favorite game from the Delicious series is on Apple Arcade, bringing exciting time management levels, a heartwarming story and interesting characters in one game.



International Women’s Day 2024

We intend to celebrate and champion International Women’s Day in our games on March 8th, but above all, we intend to champion women 365 days a year with your help!



Our 90-day onboarding plan gets a 8/10 rating!

When you join GameHouse, you will follow our 90-day onboarding program that serves the purpose of providing you with a soft landing with us. After 90-days we evaluate together and so far, our new joiners find it a great addition to their journey at GameHouse.



Launch of Text Express!

With Text Express, GameHouse goes back to it’s roots of publishing. We are proud to help support Story Giant Games in creating an awesome word game with Text Express! We’re also incredibly proud to have this game elected best puzzle game of 2022 from Pocket Gamers awards.



Age is but a number!

We value all walks of life and we welcome different perspectives. We are proud to have such a wide age-range of people working at GameHouse. From 16 years with our interns to 67. Everyone is welcome at GameHouse.



GameHouse Got Talent auction supports great charities!

In 2021, GameHouse wanted to give something back to society by turning Christmas pink with the internal GameHouse Got Talent Auction. We put our talents and skills on sale and donated the money we raised to two charities that fight cancer and are especially dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer: Pink Ribbon in the […]



A new CEO Takes the lead of GameHouse

In October 2021, Simonetta Lulli, joined GameHouse as our new CEO. She’s been bringing a lot of clarity and has been fostering collaboration and synergy. Her ambition and ideas? “My goal is to help design and offer female players game experiences that they love. And on top, with my role, I can break gender stereotypes […]



We have over 500 different and diverse characters in our games!

Story is at the heart of our games. And our stories have introduced many wonderful, colourful and memorable characters. We try to create characters that our audience can relate to and that feel like family and friends.



GameHouse has over 20 different nationalities!

GameHouse is an internationally oriented company. Not only our players are scattered across the globe, so is our whole team!