5 ways to come up with the best game ideas!

From the first idea to a finalized product: developing games is an art in its own right. Sometimes it can be tricky to come up with a great new game idea. Evidently, this process sparks only when you invest the right amount of creative effort. Coming up with new ideas can be challenging. However, there are certain ways to make brainstorming for a new game idea much easier! We’ll show you! We’ve selected 5 of our own go-to best practices to come up with the best game ideas.

#1: Play games (a lot!)

Obvious? Yes! Necessary? Also yes! Playing games is an essential part of developing games. What works well in other games? And what doesn’t? These questions are a great source of inspiration for kickstarting a new game idea. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of game; play new ones, old ones, good ones, bad ones. You’ll get insight into a lot of different game mechanics, allowing you to recognize what works in a game and what doesn’t.

At GameHouse, we do this on a regular basis! Each month, our whole team dives into all kinds of games during our ‘GameHouse plays’ initiative. By playing lots of different games together, we collectively gather inspiration and new insights which ultimately contribute to creating the best games out there!

#2: Look beyond games

Inspiration for a new game doesn’t necessarily have to flow directly from other games. A great source of new ideas and inspiration can be found in movies, TV shows, art, music, books, and so forth. The pond of inspiration has no limits! Anything can spark a new game idea. From a brilliant framework or a scene from a movie to an extraordinary work of art. Inspiration is everywhere; you just have to seek it out.

#3: Look for gaps in the gaming market

What does the current gaming market have to offer? And more importantly: what is missing? Is there a particular audience that is left out? Which group sizes or demographics don’t have a good representation of available games? For example, maybe solo games are in high demand. Or mobile multiplayer games for large groups might be the next big thing. Try to think outside the box. For example, one of our most successful titles – Delicious World – is a story-driven time management mobile game that focuses primarily on women. 

#4: Combine elements of two extremes

Combining elements of two entirely different angles or perspectives can be a great way of coming up with a new game idea. Have you ever tried peanutbutter and jelly? That’s the effect we’re looking for! Try looking for that sweet spot: combine the best of both worlds. For example, Fortnite managed to perfectly combine a Battle Royale game mode with an element of building and constructing. When you combine such different perspectives, you can generate a new idea. Players might love it! 

#5: Don’t try too hard

This might seem a little counterintuitive, but don’t try too hard to come up with new game ideas. When it takes too much effort, more often than not it ends up being a waste of time and energy. Moreover, many people get their best ideas when they are doing nothing! Engage in something relaxing and let your mind wander. The right ideas might come to you automatically.

Your turn!

Now it’s your turn. Choose one of our 5 tactics and decide which one works best for you. Maybe you even have your own ways of coming up with new ideas for games. We’d love to hear! Will we work together on an awesome project in the near future? We sure hope so! Start by taking a look at our vacancies.

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