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How to improve your mental health at work

Happy employees equals better work! But this can sometimes be harder than usual. That’s why we’re happy to share three tips and tricks to protect your mental health during work. Learn how we at GameHouse make sure our talent can be the best version of themselves.

Tip 1: Take the flexibility of working from home

Working remotely is getting more and more standardized, especially during the last few years. While everyone has their own preferences for working at the office or behind your desk from home, it does shake up your daily routine. On top of that, you have more free time when working from home, as you remove commute time. You can sleep longer and get more “me time”.

While working at home, it’s also good for you to go outside for at least one daily walk. This allows your brain to re-energize and also properly process what has happened so far. It boosts your creativity and concentration! Other short breaks help too. Examples are eating something, making coffee or tea for yourself, or doing what breaks are meant for: to take a break.

Tip 2: Safety helps to improve your mental health at work

Safety is the foundation of your well-being. This doesn’t just apply to your physical safety, it’s also important to feel safe enough to share with others what’s on your mind. See if there’s a confidant at work who you can open up to. If that works well, you can maybe expand by talking about your thoughts and feelings with a few more employees. As long as you feel at ease doing this. That’s what’s most important.

If your organization has an environment that supports opening up about mental health at work, this can be a major benefit for you. At GameHouse, we encourage talent to be who they are at work. That way, you feel safe enough to bring your unique story and share it with others.

Tip 3: See which routine suits you best

Working from 9 to 5 is something that’s deeply rooted in a lot of cultures. But what if your time to shine isn’t suited for that type of work schedule? Study shows that we’re most productive in the morning and early afternoon, but our creativity usually peaks around 10 p.m.. Depending on your task list, it could be helpful to start a few hours earlier or later. Just  make sure to have a steady routine, so your sleep schedule won’t be affected. This ensures you’re fully rested and can be the best version of yourself.

GameHouse has talent located all over the world. This means that working at the same time is not always an option, because of time zones. To make sure you still feel connected with your colleagues, it’s important to keep in touch with them. This is both good for your mental health at work and to feel as a part of the organization.

At GameHouse, taking care of your mental health is something we value a lot. If you want to work at a place where you want to work on your skills, share your passion for gaming and work with an amazing group of people, GameHouse is your place to be! We are always looking for new talent, so see if there’s something that matches your qualities and interests.

Thank you for reading!

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